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  • 12 Monkeys (Special Edition)

    In this science fiction masterpiece, Cole (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to save the human race from a deadly virus that has

  • The Butterfly Effect (Infinifilm Edition)

    Butterfly Effect, The (DVD)Ashton Kutcher stars as a man who has lost track of time. From an early age, crucial

  • Triangle

    When Jess sets sail on her friend Greg's (Michael Dorman, "The Secret Life Of Us") yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake

  • Memento

    Point blank in the head a man shoots another. In flashbacks, each one earlier in time than what we've just seen, the two men's pas

  • Exam

    Like Saw for corporate go-getters, in EXAM eight young people vying for a sought-after job are locked together in a room and given

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Mystery Authors

Cyril Hare booklist



Cyril Hare

(1900 - 1958)

1 The homing wasp Cyril Hare other 1961
2 The euthanasia of Hilary's aunt Cyril Hare other 1960
3 The boldest course Cyril Hare other 1960
5 HE SHOULD HAVE DIED HEREAFTER (Untimely death) Cyril Hare Inspector Mallett novel 1958
6 The magnifying glass Cyril Hare other 1956
7 The man from Pannonia Cyril Hare other 1955
8 THAT YEW TREE'S SHADE (Death walks the woods) Cyril Hare novel 1954
9 This side up with care Cyril Hare other 1954
10 Accident Cyril Hare other 1952
11 AN ENGLISH MURDER (The Christmas murder) Cyril Hare novel 1951
12 Spare the rod and spoil the crime Cyril Hare other 1951
13 WHEN THE WIND BLOWS (The wind blows death) Cyril Hare Francis Pettigrew novel 1949
14 WITH A BARE BODKIN Cyril Hare Inspector Mallett novel 1946
15 TRAGEDY AT LAW Cyril Hare Inspector Mallett novel 1942
16 SUICIDE EXCEPTED Cyril Hare Inspector Mallett novel 1939
17 DEATH IS NO SPORTSMAN Cyril Hare Inspector Mallett novel 1938
18 TENANT FOR DEATH Cyril Hare Inspector Mallett novel 1937