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  • Triangle

    When Jess sets sail on her friend Greg's (Michael Dorman, "The Secret Life Of Us") yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake

  • The Next Three Days

    Life seems perfect for John Brennan until his wife, Lara, is arrested for a murder she says she didn’t commit. Three years into

  • Memento

    Point blank in the head a man shoots another. In flashbacks, each one earlier in time than what we've just seen, the two men's pas

  • American Psycho (Uncut Version) (Killer Collector's Edition)

    Patrick Bateman, a young, well to do man working on wall street at his father's company kills for no reason at all, collects body

  • Devil

    Trapped in an elevator high above Philadelphia, five people discover that the Devil is among them – and no one can escape their

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The Best Mystery Books - Top 100


The Edgar awards are presented in the year after that of the publication of the work. The following is the list for the year’s best novel as determined by the Mystery Writers of America, the preeminent American organization for mystery writers. The most recent awards were presented at the MWA's 57th Gala Banquet May 1, 2003 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

1 Ordinary Grace William Kent Krueger 2014
2 The Lock Artist Steve Hamilton 2011
3 Gone Mo Hayder 2011
4 The Last Child John Hart 2010
5 Blue Heaven C J Box 2009
6 Down River John Hart 2008
7 The Janissary Tree Jason Goodwin 2007
8 Citizen Vince Jess Walter 2006
9 California Girl T. Jefferson Parker 2005
10 Resurrection Men Ian Rankin 2004
11 Winter And Night S. J. Rozan 2003
12 Silent Joe T. Jefferson Parker 2002
13 The Bottoms Joe R. Landsdale 2001
14 Bones Jan Burke 2000
15 Mr Whitersquos Confession Robert Clark 1999
16 Cimarron Rose James Lee Burke Billy Bob Holland novels 1997
17 The Chatham School Affair Thomas A. Cook 1997
18 Come To Grief Dick Francis 1996
19 The Red Scream Mary Willis Walker 1995
20 The Sculptress Minette Walters 1994
21 Bootleggerrsquos Daughter Margaret Maron 1993
22 A Dance At The Slaughterhouse Lawrence Block Matt Scudder novels 1992
23 New Orleans Mourning Julie Smith 1991
24 Black Cherry Blues James Lee Burke Dave Robicheaux novels 1989
25 A Cold Red Sunrise Stuart M. Kaminsky 1989
26 Old Bones Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 1988
27 A Darkadapted Eye Barbara Vine 1987
28 The Suspect L. R. Wright 1986
29 Briarpatch Ross Thomas non-series books: 1984
30 La Brava Elmore Leonard 1983
31 Billingsgate Shoal Rick Boyer 1983
32 Peregrine William Bayer 1982
33 The Rheingold Route Arthur Maling 1980
34 Whip Hand Dick Francis 1979
35 The Eye Of The Needle Ken Follett 1978
36 Catch Me Kill Me William Hallahan 1978
37 Promised Land Robert B. Parker Spenser novels 1976
38 Hopscotch Brian Garfield 1976
39 Peterrsquos Pence Jon Cleary 1975
40 Dance Hall of the Dead Tony Hillerman Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn novel 1973
41 The Lingala Code William Kiefer 1973
42 The Day Of The Jackal Frederick Forsyth 1971
43 The Laughing Policeman Sjowall & Wahloo 1971
44 Forfeit Dick Francis 1969
45 A Case Of Need Jeffrey Hudson 1969
46 God Save The Mark Donald Westlake 1968
47 The King Of The Rainy Country Nicholas Freeling 1967
48 The Quiller Memorandum Adam Hall 1965
49 The Spy Who Came in from the Cold John LeCarre novel 1963
50 Death And The Joyful Woman Ellis Peters 1963
51 The Light of Day Eric Ambler novel 1962
52 Gideonrsquos Fire John Creasey (J. J. Marric) 1962
53 The Progress Of A Crime Julian Symons 1961
54 The Hours Before Dawn Celia Fremlin 1960
55 The Eighth Circle Stanley Ellin 1958
56 Room To Swing Ed Lacy 1958
57 A Dram Of Poison Charlotte Armstrong 1957
58 A Beast In View Margaret Millar 1955
59 The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe novel 1954
60 Beat Not The Bones Charlotte Jay 1954