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In 1950, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine took a vote of 11 experts, among them Vincent Starrett, Charles Honce, and Lew D. Feldman asking for the experts' pick of the best detective stories ever written. There were 83 detective stories nominated. The final selection of the best was as shown below. The results were published in the July 1950 issue of the magazine.

1 The Purloined Letter Edgar Allan Poe :Poe Tales 1844 *mystery
2 The Hands Of Mr Ottermole Thomas Burke 0
3 The Redheaded League Arthur Conan Doyle 0
4 The Avenging Chance Anthony Berkeley 0
5 The Absentminded Coterie Robert Barr 0
6 The Problem Of Cell 13 Jacques Futrelle 0
7 The Invisible Man G. K. Chesterton 0
8 Naboths Nineyard Melville Davisson Post 0
9 The Gioconda Smile Aldous Huxley 0
10 The Yellow Slugs H. C. Bailey 0
11 The Genuine Tabard E. C. Bentley 0
12 Suspicion Dorothy Sayers 0