Mystery Books

  • Missing Susan (Elizabeth MacPherson)

    Edgar Award winner Sharyn McCrumb brings you her sixth Elizabeh MacPherson mystery novel.The unsinkable Elizabeth is on tour o

  • The Deer Leap

    In a village plagued by missing pets, Scotland Yard's Richard Jury and sidekick Melrose Plant face the worst of human natu

  • Blue Light

    The human race has just begun. In the Bay Area in the mid-1960s, several people are struck by a cosmic blue light that "quickens"

  • Once Were Cops

    Michael O'Shea is a member of Ireland's police force, known as The Guards. He's also a sociopath who walks a knife ed

  • The 5th Horseman (Women's Murder Club)

    Dare to face the most terrifying heights of suspense. From hospital murders to explosive court battles, the Women's Murde

  • As You Wish

    Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing—for someone to love her again and, mo

  • The Firm: A Novel

    When Mitch McDeere signed on with Bendini, Lambert & Locke of Memphis, he thought that he and his beautiful wife, Abby, were on th

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Mystery Movies

  • The Negotiator

    Negotiator, The (DVD)Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee Samuel L. Jackson ("Snakes on a Plane," the second

  • Memento

    Point blank in the head a man shoots another. In flashbacks, each one earlier in time than what we've just seen, the two men's pas

  • The Arrival

    Calling this 1996 science fiction thriller "a glorified B movie," isn't a criticism. Writer-director David Twohy managed to get in

  • Devil's Advocate

    Hotshot attorney accepts tempting offer from an elite New York law firm only to find himself fighting for his soul.Genre:

  • Fallen (Snap Case Packaging)

    A homicide cop, Denzel Washington, hunts a satanic force that shifts from one human host to another in this taut, terrific superna

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Mystery Authors

The Best Mystery Books - Top 100


In his A Reader's Guide to the American Novel of Detection (1993), Marvin Lachman includes a list of "One Hundred Notable Novels of Detection." He writes: "Though I did consider historical importance, my primary concern was quality... The detective plot and the ingenuity and fairness of the solution are also basic to the detective story, so certain writers of the Golden Age of Detection (Queen, Carr and Stout) appear frequently. Yet also included are many more recent writers, people who have substituted regional insights, humor and exploration of social problems for sheer brilliance of puzzle. Though this list is, of course, subjective, it is based on 50 years of reading mysteries and 25 years of reviewing them."

1 Carolina Skeletons David Stout 1989
2 Old Bones Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 1988
3 Emily Dickinson Is Dead Jane Langton 1984
4 Strike Three Youre Dead Richard Rosen 1984
5 Death In A Tenured Position Amanda Cross 1981
6 A Family Affair Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1975
7 The Fly On The Wall Tony Hillerman 1971
8 A Case Of Need Jeffrey Hudson 1969
9 Murder Against The Grain Emma Lathen 1967
10 Murder Makes The Wheels Go Round Emma Lathen 1966
11 The Doorbell Rang Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1965
12 Friday The Rabbi Slept Late Harry Kemelman 1964
13 Fear Is the Same John Dickson Carr novel as carter dickson 1956
14 Wilders Walk Away Herbert Brean 1955
15 The Beast In View Margaret Millar 1955
16 The Black Mountain Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1954
17 A Gentle Murderer Dorothy Salisbury Davis 1951
18 What A Body Alan Green 1950
19 Through A Glass Darkly Helen McCloy 1950
20 In the Best Families Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1950
21 Cat of Many Tails Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1949
22 The Horizontal Man Helen Eustis 1946
23 Pick Your Victim Patricia McGerr 1946
24 The Silent Speaker Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1946
25 He Wouldn't Kill Patience John Dickson Carr Sir Henry Merrivale novel as carter dickson 1944
26 The Case of the Crooked Candle Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1944
27 The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1944
28 She Died a Lady John Dickson Carr Sir Henry Merrivale novel as carter dickson 1943
29 The Gilded Man (Also published as: Death and the Gilded Man) John Dickson Carr Sir Henry Merrivale novel as carter dickson 1942
30 Calamity Town Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1942
31 The Case of the Constant Suicides John Dickson Carr Dr. Gideon Fell' novel 1941
32 The Norths Meet Murder Richard & Francis Lockridge 1940
33 The Reader is Warned John Dickson Carr Sir Henry Merrivale novel as carter dickson 1939
34 The Case of the Perjured Parrot Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1939
35 Some Buried Caesar Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1939
36 The Crooked Hinge John Dickson Carr Dr. Gideon Fell' novel 1938
37 The Judas Window (Also published as: The Crossbow Murder) John Dickson Carr Sir Henry Merrivale novel as carter dickson 1938
38 Death From A Top Hat Clayton Rawson 1938
39 Too Many Cooks Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1938
40 The Burning Court John Dickson Carr novel 1937
41 The Case of the Lame Canary Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1937
42 The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla Stuart Palmer novel 1937
43 The Rubber Band Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1936
44 The Three Coffins (UK Title: The Hollow Man) John Dickson Carr Dr. Gideon Fell' novel 1935
45 The Case of the Counterfeit Eye Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1935
46 The Case of the Howling Dog Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1934
47 Fer-de-Lance Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1934
48 The Chinese Orange Mystery Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1934
49 Hag's Nook John Dickson Carr Dr. Gideon Fell' novel 1933
50 The Greek Coffin Mystery Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1932
51 The Egyptian Cross Mystery Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1932
52 The French Powder Mystery Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1930
53 The Roman Hat Mystery Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1929
54 The Greene Murder Case S. S. Van Dine Philo Vance novel 1928
55 The Bellamy Trial Frances Noyes Hart 1927
56 The Leavenworth Case Anna Katharine Green novel 1878
57 The Shudders Anthony Abbot 0
58 Charlie Chan Carries On Earl Derr Biggers 0
59 Hardly A Man Is Stll Alive Herbert Brean 0
60 Triple Crown Jon I. Breen 0
61 The Junkyard Dog Robert Campbell 0
62 Patrick Butler For The Defense John Dickson Carr 0
63 Kill Your Darlings Max Allan Collins 0
64 The James Joyce Murder Amanda Cross 0
65 The Hands Of Healing Murder Barbara D'Amato 0
66 Method In Madness Doris Miles Disney 0
67 Who Rides A Tiger Doris Miles Disney 0
68 The Devil In The Bush Matthew Head 0
69 Nine Times Nine H. H. Holmes 0
70 Rocket To The Morgue H. H. Holmes 0
71 Saturday The Rabbi Went Hungry Harry Kemelman 0
72 Obelists Fly High C. Daly King 0
73 Banking On Death Emma Lathen 0
74 Accounting For Murder Emma Lathen 0
75 When In Greece Emma Lathen 0
76 Murder Out Of Turn Richard & Francis Lockridge 0
77 The Dishonest Murder Richard & Francis Lockridge 0
78 Rest You Merry Charlotte MacLeod 0
79 Paperback Thriller Lynn Meyer 0
80 The Iron Gates Margaret Millar 0
81 Ask For Me Tomorrow Margaret Millar 0
82 Vanish In An Instant Margaret Millar 0
83 Death In The Past Richard A. Moore 0
84 Murder For Lunch Haughton Murphy 0
85 The 120hour Clock Francis M. Nevins, Jr. 0
86 The Body In The Belfry Katherine Hall Page 0
87 Remember To Kill Me Hugh Pentecost 0
88 Generous Death Nancy Pickard Jenny Cain 0
89 No Body Nancy Pickard Jenny Cain 0
90 Unorthodox Practices Marissa Piesman 0
91 Puzzle For Puppets Patrick Quentin 0
92 The Gold Gamble Herbert Resnicow 0
93 The Tragedy Of X Barnaby Ross 0
94 The Tragedy Of Y Barnaby Ross 0
95 The Gray Flannel Shroud Henry Slesar 0
96 Reverand Randollph And The Wages Of Sin Charles Merrill Smith 0
97 Double Exposure Jim Stinson 0
98 Rim Of The Pit Hake Talbot 0
99 The Cut Direct Alice Tilton 0
100 8 Faces at 3 AKA "Death at Three" and "Murder Stops the Clock"(1939 ) Craig Rice John J. Malone novel