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In his Mystery Lovers Companion of 1986, Art Bourgeau uses a rating scheme of one to five daggers to indicate the quality of the work he lists and briefly describes. The Mystery Lover's Companion reviews and rates some 2500 books. His highest rating, five daggers, is used to indicate “A True Classic.” These Classics are listed below

Dolly And The Bird Of Paradise

Dorothy Dunnett 1984
The Kings Commissar

Duncan Kyle 1984
The Tragedy At Tiverton

Raymond Paul 1984
Fatal Vision

Joe McGinniss 1983
The Queens Messenger

W. R. Duncan 1982
Twice Shy

Dick Francis 1982
The Heights Of Rimring

Duff Hart-Davis 1982
A Woman Called Scylla

David Gurr 1981
Paragon Walk

Ann Perry 1981
Red Dragon

Thomas Harris 1981
The Big Clock, Harcourt

Kenneth Fearing novel 1980
The Fifth Horseman

Collins & LaPierre 1980

Michael Crichton 1980

Peter Fox 1980
Mr American

George MacDonald Fraser 1980
The Mobius Strip

William Gardner 1979

Trevanian 1979

Desmond Bagley 1978
The Eye Of The Needle

Ken Follett 1978
The Death Freak

Irving & Bukholz 1978
The Random Factor

La Rosa & Tannenbaum 1978
Flashmans Lady

George MacDonald Fraser 1977
Charlie M

Brian Freemantle 1977
The Punch And Judy Murders

George Hart 1977
A Judgement in Stone

Ruth Rendell novels 1977
The Cavanaugh Quest

Thomas Gifford 1976
The Boys From Brazil

Ira Levin 1976
Someone Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe

Nan & Ivan Lyons 1976
Best Martin Hewitt Detective Stories

Arthur Morrison 1976
Cry Wolf

Wilbur Smith 1976
The Eagle Has Landed

Jack Higgins 1975
A Big Enough Wreath

William Gardner 1975
Stealing Lilian

Tony Kenrick 1975
The Eye Of The Tiger

Wilbur Smith 1975
The Death Of The Detective

Mark Smith 1974

Peter Benchley 1974
The Dogs Of War

Frederick Forsyth 1974
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

John LeCarre novel 1974
The Dreadful Lemon Sky

John MacDonald 1974
Other Paths to Glory

Anthony Price David Audley,a historian and spy in England novel 1974
The Onion Field

Joseph Wambaugh 1974
The Defection Of Aj Lewinter

Robert Littell 1973
The First Deadly Sin

Lawrence Sanders 1973
If You Cant Be Good

Ross Thomas non-series books: 1973
The Plot Against Roger Ryder

Julian Symons 1973
The Loo Sanction

Trevanian 1973
The Friends Of Eddie Coyle

George V. Higgins 1972
Blood On A Harvest Moon

David Anthony 1972
The Rainbird Pattern

Victor Canning 1972
The Odessa File

Frederick Forsyth 1972