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In the Appendix to his Detective Fiction, A Collection of Critical Essays, Robin W. Winks includes "A Personal List of Favorites." He writes that “the following list of titles is provided … as a point of entry; authors are limited to no more than three titles. The editor regards all of the books as good, although for a variety of reasons. Not all have contributed to the history of the field and not all are written with equal grace, but each has substantial merit, whether for plot, well-realized setting, characterization, detection, or even trickery. For the most part, books from the early classic period (pre-1930) are omitted.”


Robert L. Fish 1979
Death Drop

B.M. Gill 1979
The Debriefing

Robert Littell 1979
Killed In The Ratings

William L. DeAndrea 1978

Len Deighton 1978
Eye of the Needle

Ken Follett novels 1978
Fletchs Fortune

Gregory McDonald 1978
Death In The Morning

Sheila Radley 1978
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn

Colin Dexter novel 1977
The Judas Pair

Jonathan Gash 1977
Exit Sherlock Holmes

Robert Lee Hall 1977

William McIlvanney 1977
Thin Air

William Marshall 1977
Death Cap

June Thomson 1977
Murder At The Aba

Isaac Asimov 1976
The Enemy

Desmond Bagley 1976
The Sins Of The Fathers

Lawrence Block 1976
Saving The Queen

William F. Buckley 1976

Elmore Leonard 1976
Night Cover

Michael Lewin 1976
A Demon in My View

Ruth Rendell novels 1976
The Family Arsenal

Paul Theroux 1976

John Van der Zee 1976
Godeys Last Stand

Charles Alverson 1975
Affair Of The Bloodstained Egg Cosy

James Anderson 1975
The Wind Chill Factor

Thomas Gifford 1975
The Scorpions Tail

William Haggard 1975
The Mandarin Cypher

Adam Hall 1975
The Search For Joseph Tully

William Hallahan 1975
Mortal Stakes

Robert B. Parker Spenser novels 1975
Death of an Old Goat

Robert Barnard novel 1974
The Big Kissoff Of 1944

Andrew Bergman 1974
The Blank Page

K. C. Constantine 1974
Marathon Man

William Goldman 1974
The River Gets Wider

R.L. Gordon 1974
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

John LeCarre novel 1974
The Seven Percent Solution

Nicholas Meyer 1974
God Save the Child

Robert B. Parker Spenser novels 1974
Other Paths to Glory

Anthony Price David Audley,a historian and spy in England novel 1974
The Big Fix

Roger Simon 1974
Hazell Plays Solomon

P.B. Yuill 1974
A Choice Of Enemies

Ted Allbeury 1973
Wild Pitch

A.B. Guthrie 1973
The Tango Briefing

Adam Hall 1973
Through The Dark And Hairy Wood

Shaun Herron 1973
Ruling Passion

Reginald Hill Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe novel 1973
The Defection Of Aj Lewinter

Robert Littell 1973
Hail To The Chief

Ed McBain 1973
The Miernik Dossier

Charles McCarry 1973
Dreamland Lake

Richard Peck 1973