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In the Appendix to his Detective Fiction, A Collection of Critical Essays, Robin W. Winks includes "A Personal List of Favorites." He writes that “the following list of titles is provided … as a point of entry; authors are limited to no more than three titles. The editor regards all of the books as good, although for a variety of reasons. Not all have contributed to the history of the field and not all are written with equal grace, but each has substantial merit, whether for plot, well-realized setting, characterization, detection, or even trickery. For the most part, books from the early classic period (pre-1930) are omitted.”

The Ravengers

Donald Hamilton 1964
Cotton Goes To Harlem

Chester Himes 1964
From Cuba With Love

E. Howard Hunt 1964
The Perfect Murder

H.R.F. Keating 1964
Friday The Rabbi Slept Late

Harry Kemmelman 1964
The Most Dangerous Game

Gavin Lyall 1964
The Quick Red Fox

John MacDonald 1964
From Russia, with Love

Ian Fleming James Bond novels 1963
Florentine Finish

Cornelius Hirschberg 1963
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

John LeCarre novel 1963
The Drowner

John MacDonald 1963
The Venetian Affair

Helen MacInnes 1963
Death And Circumstance

Hillary Waugh 1963
The Catfish Tangle

Charles Williams 1963
The Fifth Passenger

Edward Young 1963

Jorge Luis Borges 1962
The Rose Of Tibet

Lionel Davidson 1962
The Ipcress File

Len Deighton 1962
Dead Cert

Dick Francis 1962
Love In Amsterdam

Nicholas Freeling 1962
Cover Her Face Faber and Faber

P. D. James novel 1962
A Rush On The Ultimate

H.R.F. Keating 1961
The Spoilt Kill

Mary Kelly 1961
Court Of Crows

Robert A. Knowlton 1961
The Ballad Of The Running Man

Shelley Smith 1961
The Chinese Bell Murders

Robert Van Gulik 1961
The Chinese Nail Murders

Robert Van Gulik 1961

E.V. Cunningham 1960
Night Of Wenceslas

Lionel Davidson 1960
Death Of A Citizen

Donald Hamilton 1960
The Pass Beyond Kashmir

Berkely Mather 1960
The Pyx

John Buell 1959
Venetian Blind

William Haggard 1959
Ossians Ride

Fred Hoyle 1959
The Galton Case

Ross Macdonald Lew Archer novels 1959
Plot It Yourself

Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1959
Or Be He Dead

James Byrom 1958
The Eighth Circle

Stanley Ellin 1958
The Galloway Case

Andrew Garve 1958
The Telemann Touch

William Haggard 1958
South By Java Head

Alistair MacLean 1958
The Running Man

Ben Benson 1957
Rebeccas Pride

Donald McNutt Douglass 1957
The Soft Talkers

Margaret Millar 1957
The Lenient Beast

Fredric Brown novel 1956
The Day Of The Ram

William Campbell Gault 1956
The Wreck Of The Mary Deare

Hammond Innes 1956
Gideons Week

John Creasey (J. J. Marric) 1956
The Pub Crawler

Maurice Proctor 1956
Wilders Walk Away

Herbert Brean 1955