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Book reviews - Dark Apostle

Dark Apostle

Author: Denis Kilcommons
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Then: An influential black leader falls to an assassin's bullet. His cause marches on to louder drums in another leader's ambitious hands. Now: A man from Spain who calls himself Raoul claims that he was responsible for the leader's assassination - and that the man who arranged for the killing was none other than the martyred victim himself. The Agent: Checking out Raoul's fantastic story is low-priority for Peter Lacey. It is, however, a chance to get back into action and to redeem himself for past "controversial" behavior. No more than twenty-four hours on the job, and Lacey has his action - he is witness to a shocking and unexpected event: the bullet-sprayed slaughter of Raoul and his secret associates. The Chase: From England to Spain to America, Lacey races against time to unravel a bizarre international plot of blood and power, and he runs from death as the only man alive who can stop a professional killing machine from achieving his ultimate, harrowing goal.

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