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Book reviews - Dupe


Author: Liza Cody
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Winner of Britain’s John Creasey Award for Best First Novel of 1980 Anna quit the London police force because it was a dead end for women, but her job with Brierly Security isn’t a whole lot livelier. Her boss doesn’t much approve of female investigators, and her assignments tend toward the frustratingly genteel. The Jackson case doesn’t look like a big improvement. Ambitious, unpleasant young Deirdre Jackson has died, the apparent victim of a car accident on a lonely stretch of highway, and her parents want to know what their black-sheep daughter was up to in her last few months. Anna’s job, she knows, is to ask a few questions, write a report, and collect the Jacksons’ check. But the more questions she asks about Dee’s life, the more questions arise about her death. Answering them could land Anna in the hospital . . . or the morgue. But it could also be her ticket out of the pink-collar ghetto.

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