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Book reviews - Never Come Back

Never Come Back

Author: John Mair
“Don’t on any account miss Never Come Back – lively, exciting, and intelligent” – The Observer
“Vigour and imagination, and humour as well as nastiness: a drink with a kick in it” – Sunday Times
“Mr Mair’s first-rate thriller... is a story of much ingenuity” – The Scotsman
“This is an amusing book. I hope it will prove to be the starting point of a new kind of thriller” – George Orwell
“Never Come Back still seems a remarkable performance, and for its time an astonishing one. Desmond Thane is the first anti-hero in crime fiction” – Julian Symons

Never Come Back is a gripping thriller from 1941, the only novel by John Mair, who was killed in an RAF training accident only six months after it was published. It follows the misadventures of the urbane and heartless feature writer Desmond Thane, who falls for a femme fatale and becomes a desperate man pursued by the shadowy International Opposition. A sophisticated mixture of wit and thrilling mystery, with a morally corrupt hero at its heart, this is the first new edition of this page-turning classic since 1986.

US publication: 1941
Detective: n/a
Genre: n/a