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Book reviews - October Men

October Men

Author: Anthony Price
Settled in with her main guard, Verity has been dazzled by Sithen life and the possibilities of what her world could be and will be when she wins the crown, but life is about to throw her some curveballs she never thought possible.
Prince of the Lotus Courts, Aziz, is on his way to her Sithen, as well as the Salim household staff that has been scattered to the winds, and of course, the rest of her guard. Knowing this Princess Verity is both ready and excited to receive those that are winging to her aid.
But with the sweets, come the sour.
Forces are at work against her and her guard, forces set on both hurting the princess and limiting her guard. Three times she will be tested, three times she will decide if the men she is presented with are worthy of guardship, even with the secrets they hide.
But when an olive branch is extended from two other courts will Verity accept, or will she choose to navigate the waters of High Court alone?

Book two of the Sleeping Court Series.

A Reverse Harem Romance.

US publication: 1973
Detective: David Audley,a historian and spy in England
Genre: novel