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  • Triangle

    When Jess sets sail on her friend Greg's (Michael Dorman, "The Secret Life Of Us") yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake

  • The Next Three Days

    Life seems perfect for John Brennan until his wife, Lara, is arrested for a murder she says she didn’t commit. Three years into

  • Memento

    Point blank in the head a man shoots another. In flashbacks, each one earlier in time than what we've just seen, the two men's pas

  • American Psycho (Uncut Version) (Killer Collector's Edition)

    Patrick Bateman, a young, well to do man working on wall street at his father's company kills for no reason at all, collects body

  • Devil

    Trapped in an elevator high above Philadelphia, five people discover that the Devil is among them – and no one can escape their

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Book reviews - Rilke on Black

Rilke on Black

Author: Ken Bruen

“The most startlingly original crime novel to emerge this decade.”—GQ

“The reading equivalent of a boxer’s sharp jab to the solar plexus. It’s fast-paced, tough and pretty sexy.”—Pulp

In south London, an unlikely gang of kidnappers—Nick, an ex-bouncer; Dex, a charismatic sociopath; and Lisa, a motormouth junkie femme fatale—hatches a plot. Their prey is a powerful local businessman with an obsession for the poet Rilke. The thing is, each kidnapper has a very different agenda, which means it’s only a matter of time before the joking stops and the violence takes over.

Ken Bruen’s dark contemporary thriller matches a razor-sharp vernacular with a country music soundtrack to create a truly intoxicating and original mix.

US publication: 1996
Detective: n/a
Genre: novels