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Book reviews - Squaw Point

Squaw Point

Author: R. H. Shimer
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PICTURES ON A CHINESE TIME LINE is the story of China, told with illustrations of topics in the country’s long history. The eBook was meant to satisfy the need for general information about China. It was designed to interest both adults and young people as it covers CHINA from Homo erectus to digital industry.

Chinese history is so rich and varied that it was hard to settle on what picture would best illustrate any event or period. Readers might choose entirely different objects or backgrounds to represent the text. They shouldn’t hesitate to try. All it takes is paper and pencil or any of the graphics programs the computer world provides. While the facts of the past are fixed and should be understood, nobody owns their interpretation. Feel free to analyze.

PICTURES ON A CHINESE TIME LINE was originally a teaching game, BEAT THE DRAGON, used to fill a neglected spot in the educational curriculum. It was played like the card game HEARTS, each card representing a point in Chinese chronology. The game proved to be successful for the authors of the eBook when they were classroom teachers. What eventually became the eBook was the cheat sheet, or the means to settle arguments. The time line was 52 cards, which was expanded to 233 events for the eBbook, although it was a temptation to add many more.


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