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Author: E.V. Cunningham
Dragon queens, cherry vodka and even a sex poem? This collection of bad girl stories covers it all. Writers from around the globe have come together to bring you the best in short fiction and poetry. “I need you baby I am craving a hunger that only you can satisfy Your lips are my one desire” ~ ChocolatePoet “I looked up at the band. I saw the top of the drummers head as he slouched over the drums. The beat did something, what I wasn’t sure, but I felt as if he was playing something familiar, intimate, something only I knew. How did he know my beat?” ~ Yasmin Ramirez “It overcame me, all that impossibility and lifelessness; dead from trying as far as the eye could see …. Counting off failure and lost hope in whole numbers “ ~ Tammy Robacker “Hail bounces off the windshield, clean white against the gray of Butler City, the empty corn fields of Junction 356. We pull over, They buy a lot of weed here because there’s nothing else to do…” ~ Christina M. Sparks

US publication: 1960
Detective: n/a
Genre: n/a