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Book reviews - The Fugitive

The Fugitive

Author: Robert L. Fish
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n Robert L. Fish's Edgar Award-winning novel, The Fugitive, the protagonist Ari Schoenberg doesn't seem like much of a hero. Paunchy and short with a heart condition and a bad case of nerves, he doesn't seem all that well suited for a high-stakes cloak-and-dagger mission in South America. Ari, however, is a Holocaust survivor and a man with a sense of deep, abiding purpose, and, as such, he rises to the occasion. The Nazi party seems to be rising again in Brazil, led by a ruthless man named Erich von Roesler. Von Roesler fled Germany and then Europe after the Allies routed the Nazis; in hiding, he begins his secret campaign to rebuild in Sao Paulo. Ari, disguised as a Nazi propagandist named Hans Busch, seeks to get inside and stop Von Roesler and his cronies.

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