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  • Mystic River

    Three friends who grew up in working-class Boston drift apart after a terrible tragedy. Years later, brutal events reconnect them.

  • The Arrival

    Calling this 1996 science fiction thriller "a glorified B movie," isn't a criticism. Writer-director David Twohy managed to get in

  • Contact (Snap Case)

    After an astronomer discovers communication emanating from the star Vega, she leads an international team in deciphering it, and t

  • Shutter Island

    Academy Award® winning director Martin Scorses once again teams up with Leonardo DiCaprio in this spine-chilling thriller that cr

  • Event Horizon (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)

    The year is 2047. Years earlier, the pioneering research vessel Event Horizon vanished without a trace. Now a signal from it has b

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Book reviews - The Killing Doll

The Killing Doll

Author: Ruth Rendell
A girl experiments with the occult to keep her family together in this psychological thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author of Dark Corners.
In a quiet house in the London suburb of Manningtree, fifteen-year-old Pup and his emotionally damaged older sister, Dolly, have become closer than ever since the death of the their mother. Pup’s bookish obsession with witchcraft gives their disordered life a sense of purpose. Dolly isn’t sure what to expect from the talisman Pup makes her, until their father brings home a vulgar new wife. Then, Dolly, resentful and suddenly empowered, makes a deadly wish—the first of many.
In a depressed neighborhood on the other side of town, a paranoid hermit has been questioned in a series of brutal murders. Lately, he’s taken to living in a tunnel behind a fort of mattresses, where he keeps his knives. Soon, his life and the lives of Pup and Dolly will converge. As one of them struggles toward something close to sanity, the other two will descend even further into darkness.
“Only Rendell can show us how chillingly easy it is for ordinary people to slide into criminal behavior,” and in The Killing Doll, the tumble is relentless ( “Rendell, who perfected the art of the truly suspenseful psychological thriller” is a three-time recipient of the Edgar Award, and the author of numerous bestsellers (The Boston Globe).

US publication: 1984
Detective: n/a
Genre: novels