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    After an astronomer discovers communication emanating from the star Vega, she leads an international team in deciphering it, and t

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Book reviews - The Kremlin Letter

The Kremlin Letter

Author: Noel Behn
Noel Behn was one of the greatest Cold War novelists focussing on espionage stories. The Kremlin Letter is his best novel, following a young naval officer as he is mysteriously thrown out of the navy to be recruited by an ageing collection of mercenary spies. The outdated group are hired by a collection of government agencies to try to find a mole in the Kremlin. Set against the fall of Kruschev, the novel captures the attitudes of both the Americans and the Russians during this important time in history. Written just three years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, it is surprising to find an author unfazed by the idiotic governments around him. The book is also a shock and a joy as it includes scenes of S&M, clear references to homosexuality and covers some of the brutal methods that information was gathered from prisoners. The book also shows both the Russians and Americans reduced to animals using depraved methods to gain the upper hand.

US publication: 1966
Detective: n/a
Genre: n/a