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Book reviews - The Last Billable Hour

The Last Billable Hour

Author: Susan Wolfe
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Welcome to the Silicon Valley law firm of Tweedmore & Slyde, where multimillion-dollar deals are the order of the day, ambition runs high, and stabbing a colleague in the back could be taken all too literally.

T&S is a hot firm making a bid to be a major national player when Leo Slyde the company's chief rainmaker, its king of the billable hour is found stabbed to death in his corner office. It falls to T&S's brightest, most unjustifiably insecure young associate Howard Rickover to conduct a risky inside job for homicide detective Sarah Nelson. But can Howard flush out a wily murderer among lawyers who do not make it their practice to be caught unprepared and still keep up with an associate's impossible workload?

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