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Book reviews - The Watcher

The Watcher

Author: Kay Nolte Smith
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How about losing weight? There is a prevailing huge misconception about food consumption today! Many perceive that it plays a vital role to gaining weight. For all you know, only a few are aware that having comfortable and healthier choices of foods to eat is actually the biggest secret to losing weigh! You should come to realize that dieting is never the ideal route to shed your excessive kilos! Despite the fact that an indulgence of a particularly proven weight-loss regimen would certainly yield favorable results, these are, oftentimes, short-lived; if not, they become more difficult to sustain in the end! Indeed, this has been the recurring vicious routines affecting most weight-loss practitioners for years now. They experience the common dilemma of undergoing a specific weight-loss program— instead of losing weight, they succumb to losing patience! As a result, they gain back more weight compared to the total amount they have actually shed! Get rid about all those the fad or crash dieting plans! Start with a strategy that truly works best and suits perfectly your lifestyle and personal preferences! This book certainly helps you get back in shape! The book’s essential highlights cover: A deep and comprehensive understanding of the entire program— its concept, philosophy, principle and working mechanism An overview of the general weight-loss principle Roots of the regimen and the evolution of the Weight Watchers SmartPoints weight-loss program Encompassing accounts and details about the current Weight Watchers’ SmartPoints system— its implementations, alternatives, and computations Complete with a tools of the trade section— charts and tables to help you calculate your daily total SmartPoints and FitPoints allocations A 7-day meal plan, composed of a selection of 30- easy to prepare, affordable, and delectable recipes categorized into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Helpful advices and systematic guidance for following the program’s instructions and sustaining the program to the end And, many more…

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