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Book reviews - Tinplate


Author: Neville Steed
“Steed's style warm and chatty, the pace bracing” - Kirkus Reviews

Peter Marklin, owner of a Toy Emporium, finds his quiet life harshly interrupted when a collection of antique toys, worth over £20,000, is stolen. Faced with threats from their owner, he sets out to recover them but finds himself up against far more than the greed of unscrupulous collectors.

He’s in way over his head but at least the prospect of a countryside dig to excavate the remains of a crashed Spitfire can provide a little solace. Yet even this isn’t easy, and a growing resistance to the dig is being led by a local, indignant landlord.

When rather more than the plane and its pilot are unearthed, Marklin finds himself up to his neck in skeletons from the past — skeletons that lead to attempts on his life …

Tinplate is a classic mystery story from as master of the genre.

Winner of the Crime Writers’ Association John Creasy Memorial Award, 1987.

Neville Steed is the pseudonym of Norman Keith Sharam. He worked in advertising before setting up his own advertising agency. After six years he sold the business to become a novelist. He lives in Devon. Tin Plate is the first book in the Peter Marklin mystery series.

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US publication: 1986
Detective: n/a
Genre: n/a