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Book reviews - Victims


Author: Colin Wilcox

Carolyn Wilcox was an unassuming little girl raised in a Christian home with a pastor for a father. In Snakes in the Pulpit, she shares her horrifying experience with a beloved clergy member and her journey through the pain in hopes that others will be inspired to find peace.

Deception, manipulation, robbery, and sexual immorality can (and do) plague the office of the clergy. Carolyn’s message will resonate with others who have been hurt by the church and have experienced this deception firsthand. She provides hope and healing for anyone who has been hurt by a pastor, church leader or church. This powerful story will encourage the reader to seek the God, who is the answer for healing and, through Him, finally find the power and freedom they are searching for. This booklet includes understandable information of how to overcome hurts received from other believers and to know that it is a deception from Satan, and it is not from God.

US publication: 1984
Detective: n/a
Genre: n/a