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Skull Duggery

Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 2009
Arctic Gold

Stephen Coonts Deep Black Series with William H. Keith novel 2009
Playing for Pizza

John Grisham novels 2007
Scots on the Rocks

Mary Daheim Bed-And-Breakfast series novels 2007
The Wheel of Darkness

Lincoln Child Pendergast novels novels 2007

Laurie King novels 2007
The Broker

John Grisham novels 2005
Country of Origin

Don Lee 2005
The Enemy

Lee Child novels 2004
Good Blood

Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 2004
The Tristan Betrayal

Robert Ludlum Credited to Ludlum novels 2003
Red Rabbit

Tom Clancy novels 2002
The Short Forever

Stuart Woods Stone Barrington novels 2002
Thunder of Heaven

Ted Dekker The Martyr's Song Series novel 2002
Up Country

Nelson DeMille novels 2002
Grave Secrets

Kathy Reichs novels 2002
Deception Point

Dan Brown novels 2001
The Sigma Protocol

Robert Ludlum Credited to Ludlum novels 2001
Hong Kong

Stephen Coonts Jake Grafton Series novel 2000
Saving Private Ryan

Max Allan Collins movie adaptation 1998
Twenty Blue Devils

Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 1997
Imperfect Strangers

Stuart Woods novels 1995
Paying the Piper

Sharyn McCrumb Elizabeth MacPherson, forensic anthropologist novels 1988
Old Bones

Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 1988
A Death in China

Carl Hiaasen Bill Montalbano novels 1984
Missionary Stew

Ross Thomas Mac McCorkle, a saloon owner and Mike Padillo, a spy in Bonn, Germany novel 1983
Fellowship of Fear

Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 1982
Mr American

George MacDonald Fraser 1980
The Debriefing

Robert Littell 1979
Saving The Queen

William F. Buckley 1976
Here Comes a Hero

Lawrence Block Evan Tanner novels 1968
Appointment With Death

Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot Novel 1938