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The Loves of Harry Dancer

Lawrence Sanders novels 1985

Jon Land novels 1985
Secret Generations

John Gardner The Railton family novels novels 1985
The Hunt for Red October

Tom Clancy novels 1984
The Aquitaine Progression

Robert Ludlum novels 1984

Merry Higgins Clark novels 1984
The Talbot Odyssey

Nelson DeMille novels 1984
The Passion of Molly T

Lawrence Sanders novels 1984
The Lucifer Directive

Jon Land novels 1984
The Widening Gyre

Robert B. Parker Spenser novels 1983
The Seduction of Peter S

Lawrence Sanders novels 1983

John Gardner James Bond novels 1983
The Old Vengeful

Anthony Price David Audley,a historian and spy in England novel 1982
The Man from St Petersburg

Ken Follett novels 1982
The Parsifal Mosaic

Robert Ludlum novels 1982
Trotskys Run

Richard Hoyt 1982
The Amateur

Robert Littell 1981
Gorky Park

Martin Cruz Smith 1981

Nelson DeMille novels 1981
The Third Deadly Sin

Lawrence Sanders Edward X. Delaney series novels 1981
The Key to Rebecca

Ken Follett novels 1980
The Bourne Identity

Robert Ludlum novels 1980
The Fifth Horseman

Collins & LaPierre 1980

Ken Follett novels 1979
The Debriefing

Robert Littell 1979
The '44 Vintage

Anthony Price David Audley,a historian and spy in England novel 1978
Eye of the Needle

Ken Follett novels 1978
Storm Island

Ken Follett novels 1978
The Holcroft Covenant

Robert Ludlum novels 1978
The Eye Of The Needle

Ken Follett 1978
By the Rivers of Babylon

Nelson DeMille novels 1978
Paper Money

Ken Follett novels 1977
The Chancellor Manuscript

Robert Ludlum novels 1977
No Questions Asked

Ross Thomas Philip St Ives, a professional go-between: novel 1976
Yellow-Dog Contract

Ross Thomas non-series books: 1976
The Bear Raid

Ken Follett novels 1976
The Modigliani Scandal

Ken Follett novels 1976
The Gemini Contenders

Robert Ludlum novels 1976
Cry Wolf

Wilbur Smith 1976
Saving The Queen

William F. Buckley 1976

Brian Garfield 1976
The Tangent Factor

Lawrence Sanders Peter Tangent series novels 1976
The Tangent Objective

Lawrence Sanders Peter Tangent series novels 1976
The Shakeout

Ken Follett novels 1975
The Road to Gandolfo

Robert Ludlum novels 1975
The Eagle Has Landed

Jack Higgins 1975
The Wind Chill Factor

Thomas Gifford 1975
The Mandarin Cypher

Adam Hall 1975
Brothers Keepers

Donald Westlake novels as donald e. westlake 1975
The Tomorrow File

Lawrence Sanders novels 1975