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The Old Silent

Martha Grimes Richard Jury novels 1989
The Return of Mr Campion

Margery Allingham short stories 1989

Dean Koontz novels 1989
While My Pretty One Sleeps

Merry Higgins Clark novels 1989
The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories

Merry Higgins Clark novels 1989

Robin Cook novels 1989

John Saul novels 1989
The Silence Of The Lambs

Thomas Harris 1989
Something Wicked

Carolyn Hart 1989
A Real Shot In The Arm

Annette Roome 1989
A Cold Red Sunrise

Stuart M. Kaminsky 1989
Carolina Skeletons

David Stout 1989

Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 1989
A Wicked Slice

Aaron Elkins Lee Ofsted novel 1989
Common Murder

Val McDermid Lindsay Gordon series novel 1989
Dark Half The

Stephen King novel 1989
The Minotaur

Stephen Coonts Jake Grafton Series novel 1989
Burning Obsession

Robert W Walker Grant novel 1989
Dying Breath

Robert W Walker Grant novel 1989
On the Edge

Peter Lovesey novels 1989

Parnell Hall Stanley Hastings novels 1989
The Killing Man

Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer novels 1989
Bullet Proof

Max Allan Collins Eliot Ness series novels 1989

Lisa Jackson novels 1989
Tender Trap

Lisa Jackson novels 1989
The Silver Pigs

Lindsey Davis Marcus Didius Falco novels 1989
MacKenzies mountain

Linda Howard MacKenzie Family Saga series novels 1989
The Snake Tattoo

Linda Barnes Carlotta Carlyle novels 1989
The Cat Who Went Underground

Lilian Jackson Braun novels 1989
Capital Crimes

Lawrence Sanders novels 1989
Children of the Wind

Kate Wilhelm novels 1989
The Gamma Option

Jon Land Blaine McCracken novels 1989
The Eighth Trumpet

Jon Land novels 1989
Win Lose or Die

John Gardner James Bond novels 1989
Licence to Kill

John Gardner James Bond novels 1989
The Secret Families

John Gardner The Railton family novels novels 1989
Wolf Time

Joe Gores Dan Kearney and Associates novels 1989
Video Kill

Joanne Fluke novels 1989
Final Appeal

Joanne Fluke novels 1989

Dick Francis novels 1989
A Thief of Time*

Tony Hillerman Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn novel 1988
Paying the Piper

Sharyn McCrumb Elizabeth MacPherson, forensic anthropologist novels 1988
Bimbos of the Death Sun

Sharyn McCrumb Jay Omega, college professor & science-fiction author novels 1988
At Death's Door

Robert Barnard novel 1988
Under World

Reginald Hill Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe novel 1988
A Dedicated Man

Peter Robinson Inspector Banks novels 1988

Peter Dickinson novels 1988
Random Walk

Lawrence Block others 1988
Spider, Spin Me a Web

Lawrence Block others 1988
A Prospect of Vengeance

Anthony Price David Audley,a historian and spy in England novel 1988