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The Voice of the Night

Dean Koontz novels 1980
The Cradle Will Fall

Merry Higgins Clark novels 1980
Comes the Blind Fury

John Saul novels 1980
The Lake of Darkness

Ruth Rendell novels 1980
The Fifth Horseman

Collins & LaPierre 1980

Michael Crichton 1980
Mr American

George MacDonald Fraser 1980
Castles Burning

Arthur Lyons 1980

Liza Cody 1980
The Murder Of The Maharajah

H.R.F. Keating 1980

Stephen King novel 1980
Rage of Angels

Sidney Sheldon novel 1980
Spider Girl

Peter Lovesey novels as peter lear 1980
The Boy Who Followed Ripley

Patricia Highsmith novels 1980
Photo Finish

Ngaio Marsh novels 1980

Michael Crichton novels 1980
The Tenth Commandment

Lawrence Sanders The Commandment series novels 1980

Lawrence Sanders novels 1980
Kane and Abel

Jeffrey Archer Kane and Abel series novels 1980
The Dark

James Herbert novels 1980

Dick Francis novels 1980
A Comedian Dies

Simon Brett Charles Paris novel 1979
The Flight of Dragons

Peter Dickinson novels 1979
The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling

Lawrence Block Bernie Rhodenbarr novels 1979
Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print

Lawrence Block others 1979
Service of All the Dead

Colin Dexter novel 1979
Fen Country

Edmund Crispin short stories 1979

Ken Follett novels 1979
The Lasko Tangent

Richard North Patterson novels 1979
The Matarese Circle

Robert Ludlum novels 1979
The Key to Midnight

Dean Koontz novels 1979

Robin Cook novels 1979
Cry for the Strangers

John Saul novels 1979
Make Death Love Me

Ruth Rendell novels 1979
A Sleeping Life

Ruth Rendell Inspector Wexford novels 1979
Means of Evil

Ruth Rendell short stories 1979
Whip Hand

Dick Francis 1979

Joseph Hansen 1979
The Green Ripper

John MacDonald 1979
Angle Of Attack

Rex Burns 1979

Robert L. Fish 1979
The Debriefing

Robert Littell 1979
The Dead Zone

Stephen King novel 1979
Slowly Slowly in the Wind

Patricia Highsmith short stories 1979
The Day The Sea Rolled Back

Mickey Spillane novels 1979
The Green Ripper

John MacDonald Travis McGee novels 1979

James Herbert novels 1979
Listening Woman

Tony Hillerman Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn novel 1978
An Amateur Corpse

Simon Brett Charles Paris novel 1978
A Pinch of Snuff

Reginald Hill Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe novel 1978