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Tied Up in Tinsel

Ngaio Marsh novels 1972
The Erection Set

Mickey Spillane novels 1972
The Terminal Man

Michael Crichton novels 1972
Love Songs

Lawrence Sanders novels 1972
Just A Matter Of Time

James Hadley Chase novels 1972

Wilkie Collins novels 1972
The Golden Ball And Other Stories

Agatha Christie Other Short 1971

Agatha Christie Miss Marple Novel 1971
An Advancement of Learning

Reginald Hill Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe novel 1971
Sleep and His Brother

Peter Dickinson novels 1971
Chip Harrison Scores Again

Lawrence Block Chip Harrison novels 1971
Levkas Man

Hammond Innes other fiction 1971
The Levanter

Eric Ambler novel 1971
Deadly Hall

John Dickson Carr novel 1971
The Backup Men

Ross Thomas Mac McCorkle, a saloon owner and Mike Padillo, a spy in Bonn, Germany novel 1971
Protocol for a Kidnapping

Ross Thomas Philip St Ives, a professional go-between: novel 1971
Lay Down My Sword and Shield

James Lee Burke Hackberry Holland novels 1971
The Scarlatti Inheritance

Robert Ludlum novels 1971
One Across Two Down

Ruth Rendell novels 1971
No More Dying Then

Ruth Rendell Inspector Wexford novels 1971
The Underground Man

Ross Macdonald Lew Archer novels 1971
The Day Of The Jackal

Frederick Forsyth 1971
Bear Island

Alistair MacLean 1971
The Steam Pig

James McClure 1971
The Fly On The Wall

Tony Hillerman 1971
The Anderson Tapes

Lawrence Sanders 1971
Lemons Never Lie

Donald Westlake Alan Grofield novels richard stark 1971
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers

Peter Lovesey Sergeant Cribb novels 1971
The Pleasures of Helen

Lawrence Sanders novels 1971
A Tan and Sandy Silence

John MacDonald Travis McGee novels 1971
An Ace Up My Sleeve

James Hadley Chase novels 1971
Passenger To Frankfurt

Agatha Christie Sir Stafford Nye Novel 1970
The Blessing Way

Tony Hillerman Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn novel 1970
A Clubbable Woman

Reginald Hill Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe novel 1970
No Score

Lawrence Block Chip Harrison novels 1970
The Labyrinth Makers

Anthony Price David Audley,a historian and spy in England novel 1970

Michael Innes novel 1970
The Fools in Town Are on Our Side

Ross Thomas non-series books: 1970
A Guilty Thing Surprised

Ruth Rendell Inspector Wexford novels 1970
Time And Time Again

Jack Finney 1970
Running Blind

Desmond Bagley 1970
Poetic Justice

Amanda Cross 1970
Wobble To Death

Peter Lovesey Sergeant Cribb novels 1970
The Hot Rock

Donald Westlake 1970
Inspector Ghote Breaks An Egg

H.R.F. Keating 1970
The Man Who Lost His Wife

Julian Symons 1970
The Naked Face

Sidney Sheldon novel 1970
The Hot Rock

Donald Westlake novels as donald e. westlake 1970
Ripley Under Ground

Patricia Highsmith novels 1970

Patricia Highsmith short stories 1970