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  • Sphere (Special Edition)

    When a spaceship is found 1000 feet below the Pacific Ocean it is carbon dated to be over 400 years old. A crack team of scientist

  • The Arrival

    Calling this 1996 science fiction thriller "a glorified B movie," isn't a criticism. Writer-director David Twohy managed to get in

  • Contact (Snap Case)

    After an astronomer discovers communication emanating from the star Vega, she leads an international team in deciphering it, and t

  • Arlington Road

    A gripping contemporary thriller about the terrible truths that can hide behind everyday appearances, ARLINGTON ROAD is an intense

  • American Psycho (Uncut Version) (Killer Collector's Edition)

    Patrick Bateman, a young, well to do man working on wall street at his father's company kills for no reason at all, collects body

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A Great Deliverance

Elizabeth George 0
The Killings At Badgers Drift

Caroline Graham 0
The Thief Of Time

Tony Hillerman 0
Dark Nantucket Noon

Jane Langton 0
To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper Lee 0
Get Shorty

Elmore Leonard 0
The Deep Blue Goodbye

John MacDonald 0
Death Of A Peer

Ngaio Marsh 0
Sadie When She Died

Ed McBain 0
Devil In A Blue Dress

Walter Mosley 0
Mallorys Oracle

Carol O'Connell 0
Child Of Silence

Abigail Padgett 0
The Club Dumas

Arturo Perez-Reverte 0
Vanishing Act

Thomas Perry 0
Crocodile On The Sandbank

Elizabeth Peters 0
One Corpse Too Many

Ellis Peters 0
Blue Lonesome

Bill Pronzini 0
A Test Of Wills

Charles Todd 0
Sanibel Flats

Randy Wayne White 0
The Problem Of Cell 13

Jacques Futrelle 0
Charlie Chan Carries On

Earl Derr Biggers 0
Triple Crown

Jon I. Breen 0
Kill Your Darlings

Max Allan Collins 0
Who Rides A Tiger

Doris Miles Disney 0
Saturday The Rabbi Went Hungry

Harry Kemelman 0
Obelists Fly High

C. Daly King 0
Banking On Death

Emma Lathen 0
When In Greece

Emma Lathen 0
Rest You Merry

Charlotte MacLeod 0
The Iron Gates

Margaret Millar 0
Ask For Me Tomorrow

Margaret Millar 0
Vanish In An Instant

Margaret Millar 0
Death In The Past

Richard A. Moore 0
Murder For Lunch

Haughton Murphy 0
The Body In The Belfry

Katherine Hall Page 0
Generous Death

Nancy Pickard Jenny Cain 0
Unorthodox Practices

Marissa Piesman 0
The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding

Agatha Christie Marple, Poirot Short (not
The Golden Slipper

Anna Katharine Green novel
The Mill Mystery

Anna Katharine Green novel
The House of Seven Gables

Nathaniel Hawthorne fiction
The Marble Faun

Nathaniel Hawthorne fiction
The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne fiction
Rappaccini's Daughter

Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories
The Celestial Railroad

Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories
The Gentle Boy

Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories
The Great Stone Face

Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories
The Minister's Black Veil

Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories
Young Goodman Brown

Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories
Professor Challenger

Arthur Conan Doyle series