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The Talbot Odyssey

Nelson DeMille novels 1984
Kill Your Darlings

Max Allan Collins Mallory series novels 1984
True Crime

Max Allan Collins Nathan Heller series novels 1984
Leave A Message for Willie

Marcia Muller Sharon McCone novels 1984

Marcia Muller Sharon McCone novels 1984
Dark Side of the Moon

Lisa Jackson novels 1984
Gypsy Wind

Lisa Jackson novels 1984
Shadow of Time

Lisa Jackson novels 1984
Come Lie With Me

Linda Howard novels 1984
Dead Heat

Linda Barnes Michael Spraggue novels 1984
The Passion of Molly T

Lawrence Sanders novels 1984
The Lucifer Directive

Jon Land novels 1984
One More Sunday

John MacDonald novels 1984
First Among Equals

Jeffrey Archer novels 1984

James Herbert novels 1984
Hit Them Where It Hurts

James Hadley Chase novels 1984

Dick Francis novels 1984
Murder in the Title

Simon Brett Charles Paris novel 1983
The Well of Darkness

Randall Garrett Gandalara #with Vicki Ann Heydron series 1983
The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian

Lawrence Block Bernie Rhodenbarr novels 1983
Sometimes they Bite

Lawrence Block others 1983

Jim Thompson novel 1983
The Riddle of the Third Mile

Colin Dexter novel 1983

Michael Innes novel 1983
Missionary Stew

Ross Thomas Mac McCorkle, a saloon owner and Mike Padillo, a spy in Bonn, Germany novel 1983
On Wings of Eagles

Ken Follett novels 1983
Run Before the Wind

Stuart Woods Will Lee novels 1983
The Widening Gyre

Robert B. Parker Spenser novels 1983
Escape the Night

Richard North Patterson novels 1983
The Anodyne Necklace

Martha Grimes Richard Jury novels 1983

Dean Koontz novels 1983
The Name Of The Rose

Umberto Eco 1983

Ed McBain 1983
Fatal Vision

Joe McGinniss 1983
The Glass Highway

Loren D. Estleman 1983
La Brava

Elmore Leonard 1983
The Night The Gods Smiled

Eric Wright 1983
Billingsgate Shoal

Rick Boyer 1983
The Dark Place

Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver novel 1983

Stephen King novel 1983
Pet Sematary

Stephen King novel 1983
People Who Knock on the Door

Patricia Highsmith novels 1983
True Detective

Max Allan Collins Nathan Heller series novels 1983
A Twist of Fate

Lisa Jackson novels 1983
The Seduction of Peter S

Lawrence Sanders novels 1983
The Doomsday Spiral

Jon Land novels 1983

James Herbert novels 1983
Not My Thing

James Hadley Chase novels 1983
The Danger

Dick Francis novels 1983
The Year's Best Mystery and Suspense Stories

Edward D. Hoch : Collections 1982 through 1995