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Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes

Maurice Leblanc series 1910
The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin Gentleman Burglar

Maurice Leblanc series 1910
The Blonde Lady

Maurice Leblanc collections 1910
William Blake

G. K. Chesterton non-fiction 1910
What's Wrong With the World

G. K. Chesterton non-fiction 1910
The Phantom of the Opera

Gaston Leroux novels 1910
Arsene Lupin

Maurice Leblanc series 1909
Arsene Lupin Versus Holmlock Shears

Maurice Leblanc series 1909
The Exploits of Arsene Lupin

Maurice Leblanc series 1909
John Thorndyke's Cases

R. Austin Freeman novels 1909
The Ball and the Cross

G. K. Chesterton novels 1909
Tremendous Trifles

G. K. Chesterton non-fiction 1909
Through The Wall

Cleveland Moffett 1909
Jeanne of the Marshes

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1909

G. K. Chesterton non-fiction 1908
The Mystery Of Dr Fu

Sax Rohmer 1908
The Gentle Grafter

O Henry 1908
The Missioner

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1908
The Circular Staircase

Mary Roberts Rinehart Miss Cornelia Van Gorder 1907
The Red Thumb Mark

R. Austin Freeman novels 1907
The Man Who Was Thursday

G. K. Chesterton novels 1907
The Thinking Machine

Jacques Futrelle 1907
The Secret Agent

Joseph Conrad 1907
The Woman in the Alcove

Anna Katharine Green novel 1906
The Man in Lower Ten

Mary Roberts Rinehart Miss Cornelia Van Gorder 1906
Charles Dickens

G. K. Chesterton non-fiction 1906
The Triumphs Of Eugene Valmont

Robert Barr 1906
The Golden Pool

R. Austin Freeman novels 1905

G. K. Chesterton non-fiction 1905
The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle collections 1905
A Maker of History

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1905
The Napoleon of Notting Hill

G. K. Chesterton novels 1904
The Betrayal

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1904
The Filigree Ball

Anna Katharine Green novel 1903
A Prince of Sinners

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1903
The Yellow Crayon

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1903
The Hound of the Baskervilles

Arthur Conan Doyle novels 1902
A Millionaire of Yesterday

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1900
The Amateur Cracksman

E. W. Hornung 1899

E. W. Hornung 1899
The Gray Madam

Anna Katharine Green novel 1899
A Duet with Occasional Chorus

Arthur Conan Doyle novels 1899
The Hermit of ---- Street

Anna Katharine Green Short Stories 1898
Lost Man's Lane

Anna Katharine Green novel 1898
As a Man Lives

E. Phillips Oppenheim novels 1898
The Bronze Hand

Anna Katharine Green novel 1897
Uncle Bernac: A Memory of Empire

Arthur Conan Doyle novels 1897
Prince Zaleski

MP Shiel 1895
The Three Impostors

Arthur Machen 1895
The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock

Anna Katharine Green novel 1895