Mystery Books

  • Hold Tight

    #1 bestselling author Harlan Coben asks that provocative and terrifying question with his fifteenth thriller. How much do paren

  • Lair

    The mutant white rat had grown and mated, creating offspring in its own image. They dominated the others, the dark-furre

  • Treasure Hunt (Wyatt Hunt, Book 2)

    The widow of a major player in the world of San Francisco nonprofits believes that his alleged mistress killed him-and she's putti

  • More Twisted: Collected Stories, Vol. II

    New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver, “the grand master of the plot twist” (Booklist), is back with

  • Disclosure

    "Expertly crafted, ingenious and absorbing." The Philadelphia Inquirer.The #1 Bestseller by the author of "Jurassic Park." As

  • The Max (Max and Angela)

    MAX AND ANGELA ARE GOING DOWN! When last we saw Max Fisher and Angela Petrakos, Max was being arrested by the NYPD for dru

  • G is for Gumshoe (The Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries)

    For #1 New York Times bestselling author Sue Grafton's PI Kinsey Millhone, danger comes with the job―but she never

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Mystery Movies

  • The Game

    There are no rules in "the game." And that will make life very difficult for Nicholas Van Orton, a successful businessman who is a

  • The Bone Collector

    He takes his victims' lives and leaves behind mysterious pieces of a bizarre puzzle. And the only person who may be able to make s

  • Devil

    Trapped in an elevator high above Philadelphia, five people discover that the Devil is among them – and no one can escape their

  • Seven (New Line Platinum Series)

    Seven: Platinum Series (Dbl DVD)

  • The Ninth Gate

    Johnny Depp unlocks the gates to hell in Roman Polanski's newest thriller. Depp stars as Dean Corso, an unscrupulous rare-book dea

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Mystery Authors

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James Herbert novels 2011
Lost Souls

Dean Koontz Frankenstein Series novels 2010
Royal Blood

Rhys Bowen Lady Georgiana "Georgie" novels 2010
Dead and Alive

Dean Koontz Frankenstein Series novels 2009
House of Reckoning

John Saul novels 2009
Under the Dome

Stephen King novel 2009
The Gates

John Connolly novels 2009
Odd Hours

Dean Koontz Odd Thomas Series novels 2008
Faces of Fear

John Saul novels 2008
Duma Key

Stephen King novel 2008
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Max Allan Collins movie adaptation 2008
Dry Ice

Stephen White novel 2007
More Twisted

Jeffery Deaver collections 2006
In the Dark of the Night

John Saul novels 2006

Stephen King novel 2006
PSI Blue

Robert W Walker novel 2006
The Book of the Dead

Lincoln Child Pendergast novels novels 2006
The Broker

John Grisham novels 2005
Forever Odd

Dean Koontz Odd Thomas Series novels 2005
Prodigal Son

Dean Koontz Frankenstein Series novels 2005
City of Night

Dean Koontz Frankenstein Series novels 2005
Perfect Nightmare

John Saul novels 2005
The Dark Tower Song of Susannah

Stephen King novel 2004
Odd Thomas

Dean Koontz Odd Thomas Series novels 2003
Black Creek Crossing

John Saul novels 2003
Bad Men

John Connolly novels 2003
Nobody True

James Herbert novels 2003
Midnight Voices

John Saul novels 2002
From A Buick 8

Stephen King novel 2002
The Scorpion King

Max Allan Collins movie adaptation 2002
From the Dust Returned

Ray Bradbury novels: 2001
Dead Sleep

Greg Iles novels 2001
The Forgotten

Faye Kellerman Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus novels 2001
Manhattan Hunt Club

John Saul novels 2001
Black House

Stephen King novel 2001

Stephen King novel 2001
The Mummy Returns

Max Allan Collins movie adaptation 2001

James Herbert novels 2001
Cradle and All

James Patterson novels 2000

John Saul novels 2000
The Green Mile The Complete Serial Novel

Stephen King novel 2000
Seize the Night

Dean Koontz Moonlight Bay Series novels 1999
False Memory

Dean Koontz novels 1999
The Right Hand of Evil

John Saul novels 1999
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Stephen King novel 1999
The Mummy

Max Allan Collins movie adaptation 1999

Lincoln Child novels 1999

James Herbert novels 1999
Fear Nothing

Dean Koontz Moonlight Bay Series novels 1998
The Presence

John Saul novels 1998