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Horror tales, American

The Presence

John Saul novels 1998
Day of Reckoning The Stereoscope

John Saul Blackstone Chronicles novels 1997

John Saul Blackstone Chronicles novels 1997
An Eye for an Eye The Doll

John Saul Blackstone Chronicles novels 1996
Winter Moon

Dean Koontz novels 1994
The Homing

John Saul novels 1994
Needful Things

Stephen King novel 1991
Urban Horrors

Ray Bradbury anthologies: 1990
Dark Descent, the

Ray Bradbury anthologies: 1987
The Tommyknockers

Stephen King novel 1987
Twilight Eyes

Dean Koontz novels 1985

John Saul novels 1985
The Black House

Patricia Highsmith short stories 1981
Cry for the Strangers

John Saul novels 1979
Night Chills

Dean Koontz novels 1976
October Country, the

Ray Bradbury collections: 1956
The Masque of the Red Death

Edgar Allan Poe :Poe Tales 1842