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Guilty Pleasures

Lawrence Sanders novels 1998
To Be Read at Dusk

Charles Dickens :Short Fiction 1988
Spider, Spin Me a Web

Lawrence Block others 1988
Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print

Lawrence Block others 1979
Fire Tongue

Sax Rohmer novel 1921
A Poor Wise Man

Mary Roberts Rinehart 1920
The Quest of the Sacred Slipper

Sax Rohmer novel 1919

Sax Rohmer novel 1919
The Yellow Claw

Sax Rohmer novel 1915
The Gentle Grafter

O Henry 1908
The Woman in the Alcove

Anna Katharine Green novel 1906
The Signal-Man

Charles Dickens :Short Fiction 1886
The Widow Lerouge

Emile Gaboriau 1866
The Trial for Murder

Charles Dickens :Short Fiction 1865
A Child's Dream of a Star

Charles Dickens :Short Fiction 1850
Tales Of Mystery And Imagination

Edgar Allan Poe 1845
The Mayor's Wife

Anna Katharine Green novel