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  • Oldboy

    Oh Dae-su is an ordinary Seoul businessman with a wife and little daughter who, after a drunken night on the town, is abducted and

  • Cube

    Six ordinary strangers awaken from their daily lives to find themselves in a seemingly endless maze of interlocking cubical chambe

  • Exam

    Like Saw for corporate go-getters, in EXAM eight young people vying for a sought-after job are locked together in a room and given

  • Sunshine

    The story begins in the year 2057, as our Sun begins to die and mankind faces the unthinkable: extinction. Earth's last hope lies

  • Vanilla Sky

    A renowned womanizer meets his match in his best friend's girlfriend. Just as begins to develop feelings for her, his last girlfri

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Large type books

Lucid Intervals

Stuart Woods Stone Barrington novels 2010
Split Image

Robert B. Parker Jesse Stone novels 2010
The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown novels 2009
Run for Your Life

James Patterson Michael Bennett novels 2009
8th Confession

James Patterson Women's Murder Club novels 2009
The Associate

John Grisham novels 2009
Plum Spooky

Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels 2009

Ted Dekker novel 2009
Cross Country

James Patterson Alex Cross novels 2008
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

James Patterson Daniel X novels 2008
7th Heaven

James Patterson Women's Murder Club novels 2008

James Patterson novels 2008
The Whole Truth

David Baldacci Shaw and Katie James novels 2008

Martha Grimes Andi Olivier novels 2008
Step on a Crack

James Patterson Michael Bennett novels 2007
Stone Cold

David Baldacci Camel Club novels 2007
Blonde Faith

Walter Mosley Easy Rawlins novel 2007
Farewell Summer

Ray Bradbury novels: 2006
Nature Girl

Carl Hiaasen novels 2006
Fear of the Dark

Walter Mosley Fearless Jones novel 2006
4th of July

James Patterson Women's Murder Club novels 2005
Ordinary Heroes

Scott Turow novels 2005
Straight Into Darkness

Faye Kellerman novels 2005
The Wave

Walter Mosley science fiction 2005
Dance of Death

Lincoln Child Pendergast novels novels 2005
Skinny Dip

Carl Hiaasen novels 2004

Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware novels 2004
The Winds of Change

Martha Grimes Richard Jury novels 2004
You Belong to Me

Merry Higgins Clark novels 2004

Sara Paretsky Warshawski novel 2004
Are You Afraid of the Dark

Sidney Sheldon novel 2004
Night Fall

Nelson DeMille novels 2004
Sugar Cookie Murder

Joanne Fluke Hannah Swensen novels 2004
Split Second

David Baldacci Sean King and Michelle Maxwell novels 2003
The Streets of Town

John Gardner Detective Sergeant Suzie Mountford novels 2003
City of Bones

Michael Connelly Harry Bosch series novels 2002
The Apprentice

Tess Gerritsen Rizzoli/Isles series novels 2002

Lisa Jackson McCaffertys series novels 2002
The Blue Nowhere

Jeffery Deaver novels 2001
Death in Paradise

Robert B. Parker Jesse Stone novels 2001
Storm Track

Margaret Maron 2001

Lisa Jackson McCaffertys series novels 2001
Cold Flat Junction

Martha Grimes Emma Graham novels 2000
Deck the Halls

Merry Higgins Clark novels 2000
Dark Sapphire

Lisa Jackson Dark Jewels series novels 2000

Lisa Jackson McCaffertys series novels 2000
No Defense

Kate Wilhelm attorney Barbara Holloway novels 2000
Pop Goes the Weasel

James Patterson Alex Cross novels 1999
Family Honor

Robert B. Parker Sunny Randall novels 1999
Dark Lady

Richard North Patterson novels 1999