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Science fiction, American

Maximum Ride Schools Out Forever

James Patterson Maximum Ride novels 2006

Max Allan Collins movie adaptation 1995
And the Angels Sing

Kate Wilhelm novels 1992
The Doomsday Conspiracy

Sidney Sheldon novel 1991

Dean Koontz novels 1988
Mortal Fear

Robin Cook novels 1988
Fire Lake

Jonathan Valin 1987

Michael Crichton novels 1987
Return to Eddarta

Randall Garrett Gandalara #with Vicki Ann Heydron series 1985
The Tangent Factor

Lawrence Sanders Peter Tangent series novels 1976
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Kate Wilhelm novels 1976
I Sing the Body Electric! And Other Stories

Ray Bradbury collections: 1969
R is for Rocket

Ray Bradbury collections: 1962
Medicine for Melancholy, a

Ray Bradbury collections: 1959
October Country, the

Ray Bradbury collections: 1956
Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury novels: 1953
The Caves of Steel

Isaac Asimov novel 1953
Sound of Thunder, a

Ray Bradbury short stories: 1952
Illustrated Man, the

Ray Bradbury collections: 1951
Martian Chronicles, the

Ray Bradbury collections: 1950
I, Robot

Isaac Asimov novel