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Suspense fiction

The Scorpio Illusion

Robert Ludlum novels 1993
Grievous Sin

Faye Kellerman Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus novels 1993
Mistress of Justice

Jeffery Deaver novels 1992
Shallow Graves

Jeffery Deaver John Pellam novels 1992
The Sum of All Fears

Tom Clancy novels 1991
Hard News

Jeffery Deaver Rune Trilogy novels 1991
Night Over Water

Ken Follett novels 1991
The Doomsday Conspiracy

Sidney Sheldon novel 1991
Harmful Intent

Robin Cook novels 1990
Memories of Midnight

Sidney Sheldon novel 1990
The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories

Merry Higgins Clark novels 1989
Paying the Piper

Sharyn McCrumb Elizabeth MacPherson, forensic anthropologist novels 1988
White Cargo

Stuart Woods novels 1988

Dean Koontz novels 1988

Dean Koontz novels 1987
The Dream Lover

Lawrence Sanders novels 1986
Twilight Eyes

Dean Koontz novels 1985
The Loves of Harry Dancer

Lawrence Sanders novels 1985
The Aquitaine Progression

Robert Ludlum novels 1984

Dean Koontz novels 1984
Run Before the Wind

Stuart Woods Will Lee novels 1983
The Widening Gyre

Robert B. Parker Spenser novels 1983

Dean Koontz novels 1983
The Man from St Petersburg

Ken Follett novels 1982
The Parsifal Mosaic

Robert Ludlum novels 1982
The Amateur

Robert Littell 1981

Nelson DeMille novels 1981

Dean Koontz novels 1980
The Voice of the Night

Dean Koontz novels 1980

Dick Francis novels 1980
The Lasko Tangent

Richard North Patterson novels 1979
The Holcroft Covenant

Robert Ludlum novels 1978
Season of the Machete

James Patterson novels 1977
Paper Money

Ken Follett novels 1977
The Vision

Dean Koontz novels 1977

Robin Cook novels 1977
The Modigliani Scandal

Ken Follett novels 1976
The Gemini Contenders

Robert Ludlum novels 1976

Brian Garfield 1976
Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less

Jeffrey Archer novels 1976
The Road to Gandolfo

Robert Ludlum novels 1975
The Eagle Has Landed

Jack Higgins 1975
The Great Train Robbery

Michael Crichton novels 1975
The Tomorrow File

Lawrence Sanders novels 1975
The Rhinemann Exchange

Robert Ludlum novels 1974
Marathon Man

William Goldman 1974
Love Songs

Lawrence Sanders novels 1972
Me Tanner, You Jane

Lawrence Block Evan Tanner novels 1968
A Suspension of Mercy

Patricia Highsmith novels 1965
The Spy Who Loved Me

Ian Fleming James Bond novels 1963