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  • The Orphanage

    Orphanage, The (WS/DVD)The Orphanage centers on Laura (Belén Rueda) who purchases her beloved childhood orphan

  • Exam

    Like Saw for corporate go-getters, in EXAM eight young people vying for a sought-after job are locked together in a room and given

  • Gone Girl

    GONE GIRL -- directed by David Fincher and based upon the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn -- unearths the secrets at the heart

  • Primal Fear

    Clever twists and a bona fide surprise ending make this an above-average courtroom thriller, tapping into the post-O.J. scrutiny o

  • Contact (Snap Case)

    After an astronomer discovers communication emanating from the star Vega, she leads an international team in deciphering it, and t

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