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This Rough Magic

Mary Stewart 1964
The Perfect Murder

H.R.F. Keating 1964
In The Last Analysis

Amanda Cross 1964
The End Of Solomon Grundy

Julian Symons 1964
Pity Him Afterwards

Donald Westlake novels as donald e. westlake 1964
The Glass Cell

Patricia Highsmith novels 1964
Dead Water

Ngaio Marsh novels 1964
The Snake

Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer novels 1964
Day of the Guns

Mickey Spillane Tiger Mann novels 1964
Nightmare in Pink

John MacDonald Travis McGee novels 1964
And On the Eighth Day

Ellery Queen Ellery Queen novel 1964
The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side

Agatha Christie Miss Marple Novel 1963
After the Fine Weather

Michael Gilbert novels 1963

Jim Thompson novel 1963
The Mother Hunt

Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1963
The Case of the Mischievous Doll

Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1963
The Case of the Amorous Aunt

Erle Stanley Gardner novel 1963
Ten Plus One

Ed McBain 1963
Death Over Deep Water

Simon Nash 1963
Gun Before Butter

Nicholas Freeling 1963
Tell It To The Birds

James Hadley Chase novels 1963
The Pale Horse

Agatha Christie Mark Easterbrook Novel 1962

Michael Innes novel 1962
Homicide Trinity

Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1962
The China Governess

Margery Allingham novels 1962
The Ipcress File

Len Deighton 1962
How Like An Angel

Margaret Millar 1962
Dead Cert

Dick Francis 1962
Love In Amsterdam

Nicholas Freeling 1962

Donald Westlake novels as donald e. westlake 1962
The Cry of the Owl

Patricia Highsmith novels 1962
Hand in Glove

Ngaio Marsh novels 1962
A Flash of Green

John MacDonald novels 1962
The Will of the Tribe

Arthur W. Upfield :novel 1962
Double Sin

Agatha Christie Marple, Poirot Short 1961

Lawrence Block others 1961

Jim Thompson novel 1961
The Final Deduction

Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1961
The Wycherly Woman

Ross Macdonald Lew Archer novels 1961
The Chinese Nail Murders

Robert Van Gulik 1961
Death Finds A Foothold

Glun Carr 1961
The Progress Of A Crime

Julian Symons 1961
The Two Faces of January

Patricia Highsmith novels 1961
The Deep

Mickey Spillane novels 1961
Where is Janice Gantry

John MacDonald novels 1961

Michael Innes novel 1960
Three at Wolfe's Door

Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novel 1960
The Ferguson Affair

Ross Macdonald novels as john macdonald 1960
The Hours Before Dawn

Celia Fremlin 1960
Maigret In Court

Georges Simenon 1960